Brett BensonHey, I’m Brent and welcome to BestCampHammock.com
I guess, like me, you have an interest in the outdoors, camping, and most importantly hammocks.
Hammocks are wonderful, beautiful creations, that are paramount in the camping experience. I started camping when I was just a boy and my dad would always bring his hammock.
I thought it was silly at first but soon realized the man was a genius. While my brothers and I were getting dirty in woods, this man was blissfully enjoying the day floating above the dirt like a bearded angel.
The only problem is there are so many choices for picking hammocks these days. I want to make sure you choose the best hammock for YOU.
So this is why I created BestCampHammock.com!
You’re lucky because I’ve gone ahead and put in the hours, made comparison tables and done all the research so that you can just go ahead and float in your warm cocoon. This means you can spend less time on your computer and more time having fun relaxing 🙂
I’ll be adding more content regularly so please stay tuned.